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It is like common sense that Saudi Arabia dates are very famous. It seems that everybody who comes to Saudi Arabia will come home with dates. When we are there, we should be able in choosing good dates. There are many types of dates, we should know which one is that we want and what is the best.

The dates from Palmyra

Dates are like other commodities, they are handled by companies and they have a brand name. One of the famous brands of date is Palmyra. The dates from Palmyra are a premium dry-fruit. It is provided by the company to costumers to be readily consumed. The product is very unique and for dates, it is a luxury. This company has produced dates since 2013. It was started as a group project which is partnered by four young entrepreneurs of Swiss, Arabic, and Italian nationalities. “Palmyra” is the name that comes from an ancient city in Syria around Neolithic period and second millennium BC. They have some commences with the initiative to introduce superior dry fruits in the European market. It seems that European people need to know more about Saudi Arabia dates. This company tries to make superior fruit dates in the European market.

The company is trying to make significant dates by making tasty and nutritious date fruit. The dates will be suitable for a sweet and savory snack and they will be like the game of the desert. When we get dates from Palmyra, we will get the one that is cultivated single-handedly from the private farm. The farm which is located in Saudi Arabia provides the entire supply chain. The company ensures that the dates will be the best products in the country. The company has tried to make more branches to the Mediterranean area. So, there are many people who will know more about dates. http://www.palmyradelights.ch/


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