About Responsive Websites 89

Responsive websites are basically websites with responsive web design. Responsive web design an approach of designing a website in a way that can fit any resolution screen. For example, a responsive website will have exactly the same presentation when you open it with PC or your gadget. Without a responsive web design, the design for each and every gadget in the market will be needed. And that is not the most practical way for web designers to deal with. Fortunately, responsive web design is the top web design chosen by people nowadays.Responsive Web Design

Responsive websites were established around late 2001. The presentation is still very limited back then as it was just firstly developed. It has limited browser capabilities only for the Internet Explorer. It means that if the user was using another browser, for example, Google Chrome, it will not work as well. Responsive websites were then being perfected in 2008. Ethan Marcotte, the writer of Responsive Web Design explained the theory and practice of responsive web design in detail. As time went on, it kept being developed and it has now reached its highest potential.

            In our current modern era, responsive websites are everywhere on the internet. Probably almost every websites that we encountered are responsive websites. This is because the market has a great deal of gadgets to offer. With its different resolution screens and the number of people surfing the internet, applying responsive web design a very logical thing to do. In order to create these websites, proper knowledge of responsive web design is essential. Without it, the website might not be so presentable and might lose its people. A lot of websites nowadays also provide responsive design service. For example, a great website that offers responsive web design can be visited if you follow this link .



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