Basic Office Stationery and Its Importance 78

Even in this digital era, we have to admit that it is almost impossible to run an office without proper office stationery. Most of the stationery are quite inexpensive compared to more advanced office equipment. However, they are crucial tools that can help you smooth the office function.


Binder can be the one tool that holds all your office stuff. From daily planner, business plan, to your personal timeline. Like its name, it binds all your folder together.


What is the use of having all your documents without them being properly organized? With folders in your office, you can easily arrange your documents into its usage. It can be for presentation folder, private folder, or any type of folder you would like to have.

Memo pad

This might seem very traditional compared to your iPad or computer. Then again, nothing beats the originality of jotting your thoughts and ideas on your memo pad. When you have it around, it can be more practical than your computer.

Office papers

You can have the most advanced printer in your office, but it is technically useless without the printing papers. These papers are essential in your office. It is used daily to deliver proposals and other crucial work.


Stapler is a very simple tool, yet so functional. It is the device that clips all your documents together. When you deal with paperwork, which is a daily activity in an office, stapler is a must to have.

These are some of the very basic office stationery to have in your office. Needless to say, the priority changes depending on the type of office. However, with these few pieces of stationery in your office, you can ensure a better and efficient office work. These basic pieces of stationery along with other stationery can be easily accessed in Andrewsbiz.





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