Best Paid Magento Search Extension You Must Try 0

If you are a web developer like me, you should already know about Magento. But for those who still unfamiliar, Magento is one of famous open-source e-commerce platform that exist these days. We can say it is a competitor of Word Press and Joomla. Of course similar to the other two competitors, Magento also has tons of extension available for our sites. This time, I am going to share several magento search extension that can be used for your site. It is totally free, easy to download and install.

  1. Ajax Search and Autocomplete Extension

As you already read, this extension purpose is to improve the default version of Magento search extension. This searchexpansion is based on Ajax, it also use prototype library which makes us do not need Jquery like other similar expansion. The price for this extension is quite good for a low-budget web developer which is around $29 with some bonus including three months free support. The only I do not like from this expansion, that they only go by product name on auto complete search features.


  1. Search by Ranges and Categories

A bit more expensive that Ajax (the price is around $49), search by ranges and categories extension can filtering search results and display to the most relevant queries the user’s desire. We can do it by searching for specified groups and attribute values. The search also can be done simultaneously in multiple categories and the limit can set up to lower and upper search.


  1. Vubla the Search Engine Site Search

Different than the other two expansions, Vubla searches engine site search extension has subscription method with starter pack $49/ month for its price which is quite new for me. I can say the price is worth it, the relevancy for the search term result of this extension is really good, maybe because they use third-party services.


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