Caring your beard with care 0

Ever heard this saying? “The men’s pride is his beard”. There is a new trend lately that having beard can boost your masculinity. Men look more sophisticated with the beard on his face. The beards become the additional value for a man. Many women say it gives more appealing and charismatic look.

The beards need special treatment to look classy. One of the essential treatments is beard cream. It takes the big role to make the beards smell delicious. In addition, beard cream also enhances and strengthens the beard itself.

Don’t trim your beard in the beginning

For some people, growing the beard can take a long time. It depends on your gene. Look at your father, if he has a Beard Cream thick beard, there is huge chance you could easily grow the beard and vice versa.

If you want the beard to grow quickly, don’t trim or shape the beard. Just leave it alone and wait. Normally, it takes 4 to 6 weeks for the beard to fully grown. That’s the time you can shape or trim your beard as you wish.

Don’t shave regularly

Most of the people believe that the beard will grow quicker and thicker if your shave them frequently. Well, it’s a wrong belief. Here are the reasons. First, there is no scientific research about this belief. Second, shaving the beard means you lose it. It only reduces the hair in your face.

Use Beard Cream

The use of beard cream is important while grooming the beard. It contains all the necessary nutrients for your beard and face. The skin beneath the beard doesn’t have much attention like the beard. Beard cream hydrates the skin and prevents the beard flakes from occurring. There is no way you want your beard full of dandruff.


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