Different Types of Loft Conversion 0

Are you looking to convert your loft into something else than just a regular loft? For a property owner, having an interesting loft design is the most important thing. By having an interesting loft design, you can attract more customers. If you are looking to convert your loft, you have come to the right place. A loft conversion can be made into several different result using different types of design. If you are in the dark when it comes to lifting conversion, we have all the answers for you. Here are some of the most favorable loft conversion types that might interest you.

The Hip to Gable Plan

The first of our loft conversion plans is called the hip to gable plan. You might see this loft conversion a lot in the Loft Conversion Plans London suburb area where they have this sloping roof line. By using this conversion plan, you will replace your sloping floor line with something of a more straight typically a gable. The gable roof addition is meant to create more space and area for the new loft. It will usually be big enough that it requires a box dormer as an addition to the conversion plan.

The French Mansard Plan

If you want something a little bit more foreign than usual in your conversion plan, you should try the french mansard plan. Just like the usual french flair, this plan is somewhat a little bit on the avant-garde area. Therefore, not everyone might be accustomed to this style though it has some followers. It is usually made on the very end line of the property. It is called Mansard because it was designed by a French architect in the seventeenth century called Francois mansard. To make it even more interesting, it will usually be added a dormer window in the design plan of the loft.


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