DIY Tutorial: Complete Guide How To Setup a TeamSpeak 3 Server on Windows 0

Actually, the idea of writing this article came after my experience searching for a complete guide on how to setup a TeamSpeak 3 server. Several guides I found only showed me how to install the TeamSpeak servers, but any of them informed me about how to allow your friends outside to connect to your network. But first before that, let’s learn what a TeamSpeak is? TeamSpeak is VoIP (Voice over IP) software that enables users to communicate each other through a speech on the net. Basically, TeamSpeak has two sides inside of the application: the client and the server. Right now we are talking about the server side, so let’s begin! I really hope my simple DIY tutorial will help you guys who still confuse on doing the installation.

First, I suggest you use several non-profit licenses to be able to create lots of servers which is each server capable of servershaving more slots. Then get and download a proper TeamSpeak application. You can download the client and server TeamSpeak application for 32 or 64 bit here: For port checker, you can use free PortFoward application that can be easily downloaded here: After that install the application, but remember DO NOT install the server yet.

Next don’t forget to open specific ports, locate your router model on PortFoward until it located the server then follow the guide step by step. Then this is the time to install the server by install it from the zipping file we download before. Extract it into your program files and also put the license key in the same place. After you received 3 pieces of information contain the username, password, and unique token, it means you already done doing the installation. You can test it out right away after that.



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