Guide for dealing with a lost car key 0

What can be more devastating than losing your own car key? Everybody knows how important their car is as a means of transportation. If they cannot drive around, they might have to lose some of their time trying to figure out how to go from one place to another. If you have not got any clue how to deal with losing your own car key, we have something that might be helpful for you. The first thing that people think about would probably go to their dealer to ask for a new key, but here are some things that you can also do.

Car Key Insurance

As precautions to losing your car keys, it is better if you have a car key insurance policy in your hands. This is a completely different policy than your own auto insurance policy as it only covers your key. Right after you lose your key, you can ask your car key insurance company to replace it. Most of these companies will also offer you different solutions at times while they replace your key. For instance, they might lend you a temporary car to drive around while they deal with your spare key.

lost car keys

Get a spare key before you lose it

Losing a car key would be such a hassle if you have experienced it before. To prevent such thing from happening again, it is always better if you come prepare. Make your own spare car keys so that you always have one as a backup if you lose your main key. In this way, you can also make the car key with a lot cheaper price. If you make your own spare key like this, you might save up some budget up to around seventy percent than trying to replacing your lost car keys on the day you actually lose it.


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