How to Know CIBIL Rating 50

Do you want to get CIBIL rating? Well, now you can access it directly from CIBIL. It’s more easy and quick in order to know the Credit Information Report (CIR). It held the entire history of your past credit payment transaction with the certain banks or financial institutions. It’s crucial to make a best viable decision regarding the loans applications. Both the lenders and the customers want to make the best deal for sure. The decision is done by observing the CIBIL rating.


Get the CIR Directly from CIBIL

Nowadays, it’s easier to access your credit score or request a copy of credit information report. There are various ways to get the access such as via email, mail, or fax.

In order to get the credit score or the copy of credit information report, you need to fill CIR request form at first. Make sure to fill the necessary information and send it back to CIBIL. Don’t forget to include a hard copy of your identity and address proof. Furthermore, you need to make a payment of Rs 142 to get the access.

If you have done all the steps above, you just need to wait. The credit information report will send directly to you. Whether it’s via email, mail, or fax, it doesn’t take a long time. They know that you need it as soon as possible. Therefore, CIBIL will send it right away to you.

You all know that we need to get credit information report before applying for a loan. CIBIL is aware of that and doesn’t make it more complicated. If there is a problem found, they try to fix it quickly. The problem is mainly on the authentication process. So it’s important to include the address and identity proof in the proposal.


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