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Always, hair extensions make everything look perfect. It always looks good. And now all you need to think is how to make it last longer. Do I need this after having it applied? Yes! You must! Things you should know about your long hair and great lengths always need a good product and good brushes. Here are some tips for taking care of hair extensions Edmonton.

How do I straighten my hair extension?

You still can straighten the extensions using a hair straightener, but you need to keep the bond away from the tool. There are a lot of products you can use for doing this job.

How do I wash my hair extensions Edmonton?

This is the main problems women have after doing hair extensions Edmonton, they still get confused how to wash it properly. Ask your stylist what shampoo and conditioner you can apply to your extension. If you apply conditioner, don’t do it near the bond because it can make your hair fall out. Rinse your hair cleanly and apply the conditioner. Mostly, stylish will suggest washing the extensions after 48 hours.

Hair Extensions Edmonton

Can I style my extension?

Well, it is the problem. Hair extension Edmonton cannot resist heat. It can make your extensions live shorter. Blow dryers, curling irons and flat irons are your best enemy. Let your hair dry naturally can be much better. And, use the special brush. For hair extensions only! Brush it downward few times a day.

If you are planning to use a styling product, you have to avoid them that contain alcohol because it makes your hair dry. Just confirm with the stylish what product you can be used and avoided. Coloring or do some hair treatments need to be applied by professionals.

Can I sleep with my extension?

Yes! You can! But make sure you will not sleep on wet hair. You can ponytail your hair to avoid worse tangling. For more details, go to


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