Knowing Personal Characteristics of Healthcare Workers 0

 In healthcare training, we do not always learn about medication. There is the time when we need to learn the personal appearance, personal hygiene, or good health. Becoming healthcare workers will be the person who people see from the outside. We should show starting from the outside that we are trusted for taking care other people’s health. Besides that, it shows that we start healthy lifestyle from ourselves.

Personal appearance

Whether we are healthcare workers or not, people will see our personal appearance and judge as they want. Then, trainingwhen we are going to be healthcare workers, we will need to pay attention to our personal appearance. Believe it or not, personal appearance of healthcare workers will increase the confidence of the workers and the patients. They will trust healthcare workers who have a good personal appearance. We could start to follow the dress guidelines of the facility. Then, we need good grooming. Besides that, our clothes have to be clean and well fit.

Personal hygiene

The personal hygiene is very important for anyone, especially for us who handle other people and their medication. Sometimes, healthcare workers are required to have close contact with patients. Therefore, we will need to make our personal hygiene as good as possible and make the patients comfortable with our care. We could start by preventing body odor. Then, we also should make sure that we brush teeth well. Besides that, we should make sure that our hair well groomed. We do not forget to clean fingernails and cut it.

Good health

Being good healthcare workers should be started from good health. We want other people to be healthy by our help. Then, we should give some examples. We could start by eating good nutrition. Then, we do regular physical activity. We should avoid harmful substances too, such as smoke.



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