Ordering a Family Tree Art? Consider the Framing Too 0

Stop thinking of giving your newlywed friends paintings, kitchen utensils or things like that to be their wedding gift. You can actually give them something more family-oriented and beautiful, like a family tree art. Even though your friends have not had a baby, it does not really matter as in the family tree you can just write the name of the couple. What about the design? Give this job to Twenty Fingers who offers you services to create your gorgeous family tree. Whether you want to present this to your friend or placing it in your house, the artwork works the same way to decorate the room with family atmosphere.family tree photo frame

When you do not have to think of the design, still you need to express your preference when making an order considering the family tree is about the owner of the family. You choose the color of the tree also the background, and one more thing: the family tree photo frame. There are three options to consider about the framing:

Handmade floating frame

This is the first and the most stunning frame option here. The floating frame will make the family artwork look sweeter when you place it in your house. Moreover, it is handmade and you know that handmade stuff is always extraordinary. Who makes the frame? The local framers in Buckinghamshire.

Traditional style frame

Want something simpler than the floating frame? A traditional style frame will be wonderful, too. This handmade traditional frame enables you to choose your backing color; remember, the tree as well as the frame should represent you at most.


If you have your own frame, it is very possible to order the artwork unframed. But do not worry as even without a frame, the family tree will be sent to you safely. Don’t you think the offer is just awesome?




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