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PEG stands for percutaneous endoscopic gastrostomy. It’s a medical procedure to place a flexible feeding tube in the stomach via abdominal wall. PEG sends the nutrition, fluids or medication directly into the stomach. In other words, PEG allows the nutrition and medicine enter the stomach without passing the mouth and esophagus.

Performing PEG

PEG is performed if the patients have difficulties in swallowing or losing appetite. Other situation that doesn’t allow the patient to intake the nutrition or medication through the mouth also needs PEG feeding.

The doctor performs the endoscopy procedure to place a feeding tube in the stomach. It also guides the doctor to Peg feeding trainingcreate a small opening in the abdomen that goes directly to the stomach. The patients also required to take local anesthesia and antibiotic before the PEG.

In some cases, the patients are allowed to drink or eat after the procedure. But still the doctor has the final call whether you are allowed to drink or eat after the PEG.

PEG Feeding Training

To raise the awareness and familiarity of the procedure, the doctor and nurse are required to take PEG feeding training course. This is the crucial training course for anyone who deals with the PEG regularly.

PEG feeding training course gives huge benefits for the participants to increase their knowledge about PEG. The course also provides a practical session for the participant. Therefore, they can practice the procedure to prepare for the real situation in the future. Learn that small mistakes can harm the patient such as infection or swell in the esophagus.

Analogue and digital machines are also providing to bolster the participants’ skill and ability. The participants will be involved in any practical and theoretical process for three up to six hours. So, whenever the face the real situation, they can do it confidently without any problem.

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