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You should really choose your hand dryer carefully and thoroughly as the right device can improve your hygiene and cleanliness. Don’t forget that different hand dryers come with different features and specs. That’s why taking a closer look to your device should be able to help you to make a better decision. After all, a hand dryer isn’t cheap. If you don’t want to spend your money to buy something useless, it is better to have everything planned out carefully.


The Right Hand Dryer for Business Purpose

If you have a business, you will need a reliable hand dryer to make your work run more efficiently and fast. Supposed you have a coffee shop or a restaurant, you have the option to provide paper towels or a hand dryer so your customers can clean themselves after enjoying the meal. Most people would like to wash their hands and then dry them. Most of them don’t really like having soaking and wet hands, after all.


Well, you can spend a huge amount of money to buy the paper towel. But are you ready for the financial impact for your business? Remember, you will have to buy many paper towel rolls on a monthly (or even a weekly) basis. Such thing will be different when you have the electronic hand dryer. You only need to install one or two devices and you won’t have to worry about anything else. Your customers are happy with their clean and dry hands. You are happy with the huge savings from buying the hand dryer.



If you want your hand dryer to be hygienic and clean, make sure that you have a regular schedule for the cleaning and maintenance. Choosing a specific type, such as the Bremmer AIRtwister hand dryer HEPA filter can also help because it provides a cleaner and more hygienic platform when compared to the other regular devices. Go to

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