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Japan is famous for its various types of tea. We can find various types of green tea from Japan. One of them is Senchatea TEA. If we are tea lovers, we may have heard or drunk it. Green tea is very popular in Japan. We can enjoy this green tea to start our morning. We will feel fresher in doing our activities if we drink it. Green tea is very good for our health. With so many types of green tea on the market, it will make our hobby to drink tea become more fun and healthy. We do not need to worry about where we can afford it. Today we can buy many kinds of tea online. It will be very beneficial for us. Although we do not live in Japan, we can still enjoy the delicious taste of Japanese green tea. For those who do not know about this type of green tea, this article will provide brief information about this special green tea.

  • What is that?

This type of tea is one of the favorite green tea in Japan. It is made from freshly picked leaf that is then heated by steaming or boiled in order to stop the fermentation. The color of the tea beverage ideally is greenish golden yellow color. This is a type of green tea for daily drinking.

  • Benefitssencha tea

Green tea has many benefits for our bodies. This also includes for the type of Sencha. When we drink this tea, we will get many positive benefits for our bodies. As we know, green tea can provide a relaxing effect to our body. Similar to the Sencha tea, it also has those good benefits. Sencha tea is a type of popular green tea in Japan. Anti-oxidants contained in the green tea can fight free radicals. Many studies prove that green tea is able to trigger the process of fat burning and increase metabolism. It will be very good for our bodies, especially for women who want to have a healthy ideal body and healthy skin.



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