The Ritual before Waxing 0

Waxing Soho is one of the places which accept waxing. As a painful method of hair removal, we will need to some several things to help the waxing process less terrifying and the result more effective. Waxing appointment should not be done rush. We should plan it and then we could prepare what we need to do before we go to the beauty salon for waxing.

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What we have to do

The first thing we should do before waxing is waiting for days after the previous session. The minimum time of waiting is seven days. Otherwise, we could do that monthly. It is based on what we consider. The determination of the waiting is the length of the hair. We should not do the waxing when the hair is stubble. It will not be able to be grabbed by the wax.

Besides waiting for a month or a week, we will need to do exfoliate for three days before the wax and one day after that. But, we should not do that on the day when we will get waxing. The exfoliating could use a loofah, an exfoliating glove, or sugar body scrub. It will help to make the skin fresh and better wax result could be got from the fresh skin. Exfoliating or scrubbing will help to wash away the death skin.

Then, we should make the waxing appointment one week after period. A week after menstruation is the best time for the body in handle the pain. Mostly, the skin will be less sensitive. It will help us to handle the pain better. But, if it does not work well, we better we drink an ibuprofen or aspirin. It will help us to hold the pain and we could get the best result of the waxing.



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