Uterus Prolapse 82

When a condition where a pelvic organ prolapsing, at some point it would require a surgery. The prolapsing could happen with the bladder, rectum, bowel, and uterus and vaginal area for a female. A prolapse could happen by various causes, including exercise, coughing, sneezing, laughing, lifting the weight, or stress.A prolapse would usually cause pain and discomfort and often affects one’s daily life, therefore, a surgery would be a good option. The surgical operation for a prolapse is varied and depends on the condition and the affected organ.good health

For a female, uterus prolapse could happen from a trauma after a childbirth or some other conditions when a female got older. Uterus prolapse could be correct by a surgical procedure called sacrohysteropexy. It is a safe and advanced surgical procedure that would take a short time for a patient to recover. However, in the old times, there is a procedure before sacrohysteropexy called hysterectomy where the uterus is removed, which made a lot of women hesitate to do it because it seems kind of risky. But with the modern technology, it does not need a removal of a uterus to fix this problem.

 Uterus Prolapsing Symptoms

  1. Feeling pressure in the pelvic area
  2. Stretching feeling in the groin area
  3. Feeling uncomfortable sitting down
  4. Sexual intercourse pain
  5. Bleeding or excessive discharge from the vagina
  6. Pain when urinating and various urinary problems
  7. Constipation

If you have these symptoms, it is recommended for you to go for a checkup at the hospital. If the symptoms and the diagnosis showed the high level of severity of the prolapse, you could consider doing the prolapse surgery or sacrohysteropexy. Before deciding on the surgery option, the doctor or the physician would usually suggest some other options if the symptoms showed that the condition is still in the mild level, so it still could be helped with therapy and medications.


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