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Wi-Fi is already an undeniable need these days. You can always find a free Wi-Fi network anywhere, especially when you’re in public places like a café or restaurant and hotels. Now, if you’re planning to start a business, giving your customer an internet connection is included in your startup list. In that case, you would need something like hotspot management software to manage people who are connected to your network. You sure wouldn’t want a freeloader hogging on your expenses.


Why You Need It

Many people think utilizing an establishment with a Wi-Fi service means that they only need to have a Wi-Fi router wifiwith a steady connection. But there are more to that. Running a business means you’re expecting a profit in return. And even though you’re giving the internet connection for free, you still need to pay your ISP for their service. And how would you keep your internet running if you’re not making any profit.


More Reasons Why

By monitoring your network connection, you could tell your customers likes and dislikes. Their browsing habit could tell a lot. Their frequently visited sites would give you a broad idea about things they like. Things like the type of music, fashion, and even celebrity that caught their attention. This information would help you planning any promotional plan you have in mind. It also could give you some ideas on how to decorate your place and which music you should play.


It may look like a very simple thing. And many people often overlook this part. But if you’re playing it right, your knowledge on your customer’s browsing habit can give you a huge advantage. Your place could gain popularity without much effort. And the best part of all is that your business prospering, thanks to your ability to spot a chance.








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