What to Do after Laser Hair Procedure 0

Sure, you may have problems and issues with the unwanted hair on your face or your body, but it doesn’t mean that you can make a rush judgment in choosing the right provider to help you with your problem. In case you live in London, make sure that you only choose the best laser hair removal in South West London that has the certification and the skills.


The Initial Step

When you finally decide to meet a professional expert, there are several things to do before you finally can get the treatment. Afterwards, you also have to undergo several after-care sessions that will finalize your procedures. It is common to have a consultation session first to see whether you are an ideal candidate for the treatment. If the technician doesn’t see you as an ideal patient, they won’t likely continue. Be prepared for some kind of a patch test, which should be done to see your condition. If you are totally clueless about the treatment, this is the best time for you to ask them the details of the procedure.


What to Expect

So, what should you expect or do after the treatment?laser

  • One thing for sure, you should stay away from the sun, for at least 6 weeks. Your skin will be super sensitive to the treatment. If you expose your skin to the sun afterwards, it may complicate the follow-up treatment and the final result.
  • Don’t be surprised if your hair falls out. If you want to have the more efficient result, you can use a soft washcloth to help to remove the hair during shower.
  • Never wax or pluck. The hair should fall off naturally, so tweezing, plucking, or waxing the targeted area isn’t a good idea. In case you experience hair resistance, it means that the root is still there, which will be removed in the next session.



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