What’s the Use of Primaries in Election? 85

3 Purposes of Primaries

Once again, here comes the presidential primary elections. Wait, didn’t we just vote for a government thing a while ago? So how many times do we have to vote for president, exactly? What’s all the primaries all about? Why can’t we just vote in November and be through with all this election thing? Wait, hold this train of questions; there are answers to those questions.

For some new U.S. citizens and students who are now legal to vote, presidential election may appear complicated. There are primaries, and a lot of candidates promise a better nation for all the U.S. citizens. While it is true that election might get confusing, you still should vote anyway. And here’s a brief look into the purpose of the primaries:presidential race

You get to know the candidates.

With the primaries, you can get to know all of the people running for the president better. There is a few candidate from the Democrats and some more candidates from the Republics. As a voter, you will hear the platforms of two candidates, each from respective party, after the national conventions. Then during the primaries, you can hear from several candidates from both Democrats and Republics.

They get a platform building.

Little did you know that primaries are an essential part in shaping the final platforms of the major candidates in the November election. For instance, one of the weaker candidates drop out of the race during the final weeks, but he succeeded in winning a good number of votes during the primaries. The chances are that the party’s chosen presidential candidate is likely to use, or adopt, some aspects of the dropped out candidate’s platform.

It involves public participation.

The primaries provide an opportunity for the Americans to be involved in the process of choosing the next leader of the nations. Primaries are very important part of America’s democratic process.


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