Where to have your Driving Instructor Training 0

So driving is one of the activities that brings you joy and happiness. So you are planning to become a driving instructor for your life. If that is the case, you do need to find a place where you can train to be a driving instructor. Each driving school will usually provide different kinds of driving instructor training. Some are better than the others, and some even provide better outcomes for you financially. So which driving school you should go to when it comes to driving training? Here are some of the best ones that you need to see.

Drive Dynamics driving school

What’s good about drive dynamics as a driving instructor training is that it is pretty well-known in the UK. You can get your first payment in your first week working with them. Despite so, the payment will start at ninety-nine quid and gradually increasing as you progress. Finally, as a contract worker, you get to earn around three hundred and eighty quid per week. The contract will usually be divided into two types. Those with cars will a year contract while those without cars will only get half of it.

driving school

Automobile Association

You probably are familiar with Automobile Association or simply known as AA. In fact, this is one of the best places to get a driving instructor training. Your average weekly payment would be around four hundred and seventy quid with a gradual payment starting at forty-seven quid on your first week. The training will usually include one day of induction, business training, marketing training, and also finance training among others. In addition, you are also free to choose your area of coverage in choosing your pupils. Despite so, they don’t have that long of a contract for their instructor as most of them will only have the twenty-two weeks worth of contract.



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