White Tea 90

Have you ever heard of white tea? White tea is the variety of tea that has the lightest taste and aroma that are achieved by the way it is processed in a very minimal way, through simply left to dry under natural sunlight. White tea usually made from the leaves and buds of Camellia sinensis plant that are processed so that it contains a fairly low level of caffeine. It is one of the most favorite tea variants because of its calming and soothing light taste.

white tea

Tea is a drink that is popular to have many health benefits. Not any different from any other types of tea, earl grey tea and white tea also have benefits for your health. It is believed that white tea contains the highest level of antioxidant from all of other tea types. It is famous for soothing your body and mind, and also known to lower blood pressure and relieving stress. In themodern life, white tea is one of the way to relax your body and mind, as the modern daily life is typically busy and stressful.

There are various types of white tea that you could get that also varied in the form and the way it is made before serving. Most of the time, white tea are mixed with various other ingredients that would give you the refreshing sensation and taste. Various ingredients like orange slice, dried strawberry, chamomile, are some of the most favorite to mix in a white tea. Other than health purpose, the various ingredients are also making your tea drinking experience become fun and colorful. Silver needle white tea is the most recommended variant of white tea that you must try. In the ancient Chinese, drinking silver needle white tea is a luxury as it is one of the rarest types of tea in the world.

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