Why Is Cold-pressed Juice Better than Others? 80

You know that good foods like fruits and vegetables are beneficial for your health, but eating them every day is another thing. You may have your own reasons for that; you hate the taste, you are bored with the menu, and so on. However, do you think you can say no to fresh and nutritious drink like a cold pressed juice cleanse? I know everyone will love it as much as I do. In addition, when you talk about the benefits of it, you are going to be surprised as it has a lot more thing than other nutritious drink including juices in general.fruit juice cleanse

Yes, it is said that cold-pressed juice is better in many ways compared to ordinary juice. They are made from almost the same ingredients, various fresh and healthy fruits and vegetables thus you may assume both drinks are equally good. Are you really sure about that? Let’s see the differences that also cover the benefits of the cold-pressed one:

Maximum amount of nutrients

How can cold-pressed juice have more nutrients than other types of juice? The secret is on the process of juicing. Whether you make it yourself or take the juice cleanse package from a company, you have to know that the drink is made with a cold-pressed juicer, not a blender or other equipment that has spinning blades. The blades produce heat when they spin and this will ruin the nutrition within the fruits and vegetables. That is the reason why cold-pressed juice is better in nutrients.

Easy to go green

You should also know that green vegetables are actually excellent for your health. The problem is that you cannot be sure you are going to eat enough greens every day to fulfill your nutrition needs. Taking green cold-pressed juice is an easier move to take with a better taste as you do not need to chew the fibers. Do not hesitate to consume it regularly.



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