Why It Is Important to Raise Epilepsy Awareness 0

Maybe we don’t know this, but around 10% of the people who inhabit this planet has had seizures at least once in their lives. Meanwhile, 1% of the population, at some point in their lives, have had repeated seizures. It means that epilepsy is, in fact, a common medical condition. Ironically, we know very little about it.

navpic_epiDuring a seizure event, a person may experience a loss of consciousness. As a result, the person may lose his or her inner balance and autonomy. A seizure can happen anytime, anywhere. A person can feel extremely healthy and happy  the whole day but all of a sudden a seizure event ruins it all. Then on that occasion, how do we, family, friends, or colleagues feel and do as a reaction? Most likely, we will be shocked, confused and helpless. Most of us will not know what to do. It’s been like this for millennials with people perceiving a seizure event with confusion and even misjudgment. Today as we live in a more advanced, more humane society, we should know better. For this reason, epilepsy awareness training should be a course that is taught everywhere.

About epilepsy

Some people may have had epilepsy from the day they were born. Some others started showing the symptoms at later stages of their lives. There are some known causes for this, including genetical reason, brain abnormality, damage, and tumor, alcoholism and poisoning, heart attacks and strokes.

People with epilepsy often have to deals with injuries, depression and anxiety due to the unpredictable nature of it. They may even develop cognitive and coordination problems.

Epilepsy awareness training

During the training, we will receive a lot of useful information about what epilepsy is and the types of seizures and the causes of them. We will learn some treatment and diagnosis of epilepsy. The most important part is that we will be fully informed on what to do during a seizure event around us. We will even be able to give basic first aid during the seizure. Caringforcare as the organization who provides training will make sure that we receive useful and effective information.


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